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Woks.ie, providers of a large selection of woks online. We sell stainless steel woks, hard anodised woks, non stick woks and cast iron woks as well as woks with lids online. Electric woks are available from Prestige Meyer. 

Top Brands & Quality

We sell branded woks from Ken Hom the origional celebrity chef as well as Jamie Oliver. We also sell woks from Le Creuset who are famous for the cast iron cookware. Stellar and WMF. If you are after non stick woks then look at Prestige range of Circulon and Stell Elite range. Hard Anodised woks are also on sale here.

Healthy Wok Cooking

For centuries the Chinese have practiced wok cooking. It promotes healthy eating and is quick and easy which is probably why most households in the western world own a wok. Woks also work well as a one pot meal so less clean up is necessary and is so quick and easy to prepare a stir fry meal. You can virtually wok fry any food type.

One tip Ken Hom shared with us on his instore visit when he launched his new range of woks was to resist the urge to use olive oil in a wok, this is because olive oil smokes and burns at high temperature. Ken Hom recommends you use nut based oils which won’t burn at the temperatures needed for wok cooking. Wok cooking is great for low carbohydrate diets. In fact weight watching diet based groups recommend you stir fry a meal a couple of times a week as part of a calorie controlled diet. The nature of stir frying vegetables saves nutrients from being destroyed and is therefore a healthier source of vitamins and minerals. So now you know a few tips to wok cooking! Browse the range we have available and we are sure we will have the wok to suit your needs.