VoIP features

Here’s a List of 6 VoIP Features That Will Benefit Your Business


Nowadays, most businesses are switching to VoIP phone systems. There are numerous benefits that the businesses reap from using these services. Most VoIP providers like Cloud Phone System offer a wide range of services and equipment, some of which you’re probably familiar with like the VoIP phones and others which are quite unique and merit a boast. Sometimes, the same feature may be referred to using different names depending on the provider.

Here’s a list of VoIP features that are most valuable for any business:

  1. Voicemail To Email

This feature works by transcribing your voicemail messages and sending them to your email. You are saved the hassle of scribbling your customer’s names, phone numbers, and addresses. All you need to do is just sit back, relax, and read your message. With this feature, you are also able to search your voicemails to file or delete them.

  1. Auto Attendant

This feature is really cool; it’s like having an electronic personal assistant or receptionist. This hidden VoIP gem allows your customers to interact with a menu and pick out suitable extensions. 

A virtual auto attendant lets you create customized greetings. You also get to choose exactly what the caller will hear when they press certain numbers

  1. 3­Way Calling

Different VoIP providers allow you to place calls with between 3 to 13 participants. This feature lets you put the first caller on hold as you call the second person. Once the call goes through, you press the IP phone’s conference button to bring the first caller back on the call.

  1. Live Support

The live customer support feature is offered by many providers along with their hosted phone service. Some providers offer this when you purchase the premium VoIP plan while others charge for it separately.

This is especially attractive for small business owners who are not able to maintain in-house customer support agents.

  1. Call Routing

The automated call routing feature makes it possible for you to easily route your customer’s call to the appropriate agent without additional costs associated with a real receptionist. This makes it possible for you to provide topnotch services with fewer resources.

The find me/follow me call routing allows people to reach you via alternative numbers before the call gets transferred to voicemail.

  1. Busy Lamp Field

This feature incorporates a light on the other person’s call; this light goes on when you’re on another call. There are more advanced versions which give information about who you’re on the phone with.